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Discover bv, Edwin Lodder
Aluin 3
2719 TS Zoetermeer 
The Netherlands
Tel/Fax +31 (0)79 3429868
Mobile : +31 (6)51134452
E-mail: info@arubaregatta.nl


Bon Bini, Aruba welcomes you!

We are very happy that a lot of sailors from last year and a lot of new sailors are coming to Aruba to participate in the Aruba Heineken Catamaran Regatta. This year we hope to have circa 50 teams from Europe, with boats from the Netherlands, England, Suisse, Belgium, France and Aruba. To help with your stay in Aruba we have attempted to answer a number of questions you may have on this Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any additional questions or remarks you can always contact Edwin Lodder or Richard Allen using the information on our Contacts page. We wish you a pleasant stay and hope that you enjoy the Aruba Heineken Catamaran Regatta.

Containers at Aruba

The containers are positioned at the southern side of the hotel near the beach. The containers will be locked in the evening at 1800 hours and unlocked at 0800 hours in the morning. Basically (providing customs frees the containers in time) the containers will be placed near the beach on Monday November 7th.

Boats on the beach

The boats are to be placed on the beach between the Pelican pier and the "towel tent". Boats are to be pulled as far as possible up the beach so that more boats can be placed behind each other. The waterline is to be left free at any time for the benefit of police vehicles, ambulances and walkers. No sails are allowed to be kept on the boat, you can either take them to the container or the hotel room.

Weather conditions in November

Temperature is around 30-32 centigrade. Sea water temperature about 28 centigrade. Wind: NE 4-6 Bf. Occasionally there is a shower.

Sailing and Safety

Ideal circumstances with warm, smooth water. Never sail alone, out off the races, because of the dangerous strong offshore winds; so always sail with minimal two boats together to keep an eye on each other. Always stay in sight of the shoreline. Life jackets are mandatory. Sailing around the island is dangerous and absolutely forbidden before and during the event; by doing so you will endanger yourself and others and also the continuance of the event. Beware of the shallow waters in front of the beach and of the shallowness in northern direction (past the Marriott hotel). During the races the rescue boats of Aruba Watersports will take care of the safety escort. Both during as well as out off the races you are responsible for your own safety; don't take any unnecessary risks. The salty water may cause injuries to feet, hands and legs easily; therefore you should always wear sailor's shoes, gloves and leg protection. You will easily get sunburned, thus always wear protecting clothes. Please wear a cap and sunglasses. Use a good waterproof lotion with high protecting factor.

Sailing during the week before the event

Beware of your own safety during the days preceding the races. Never sail alone. Always stay in the neighbourhood of the hotel area.

Sailing after the event/loading of containers

At Friday afternoon November 19th all containers are to be loaded and locked. Consequently no sailing is anymore possible after Friday 13.00 hours. Together we will perform the loading of the containers; everybody is responsible for his own boat.

Return of the boats to The Netherlands and UK

The boats will arrive back in Europe round Januray 1st. Unloading of the containers in Rotterdam will be announced by Edwin Lodder. Anybody prevented from being present has to take care for a stand-in, to make sure that his boat will be unloaded.

Spare parts/repairs/sails

Check your boat and sails before loading in the container. Take with you a toolbox and general spare parts. Sails can be repaired in Oranjestad.


Due to the high number of participants it is impossible to accommodate everybody together in the Aruba Tower hotel; consequently rooms are located in the Aruba Tower and in the Bonaire Tower. In case you have any questions or problems please inform us. The electrical system in the hotels is the USA type i.e. 110 Volt. In the hotel washing machines are available for your convenience.


Breakfast is included.


During the regatta lunch is 5 times offered. Lunch will be offered in the garden and starts at 12.30. The remaining days you can have lunch (at your own expense) in the hotel, in the Seabreeze or elsewhere e.g. Pelican Pier, Subways, etc.


During the regatta dinner is 5 times offered at several locations in and around the hotel. The remaining days you can make your choice in the area and in Oranjestad from at least ten different restaurants, naturally at your own expense.

Food and drinks

The drinking water on Aruba is of high quality. In the corridors in the hotel you will find ice machines. In case you require a diet menu please contact Frederieke in order for her to make the necessary arrangements in the hotel and the restaurants. There are large supermarkets close to town. In the hotel is a convenience store. In the neighbourhood of the hotel are a few small shops for food and drinks.

Medical care

During the races we have some medical equipment with us. Through the organisation contact with a doctor can be provided. During day and night you can always let call a house doctor by the hotel front desk. On Aruba there is a hospital for eventual medical care.

Making Telephone calls from Aruba

Most mobile telephones work now on Aruba. It is possible to rent a GSM i.e. from Setar. Making phone calls from the hotel-room is possible but rather expensive: about 10 dollars a minute. There is a phone in the hotel lobby from which you can make cheaper calls with an Aruban Setar phone card. Cards can be bought from the shops in the hotel or the Setar office, situated near the hotel. You can also make calls from the Setar office.

Internet facilities

If you brought your PC you can use it directly from your hotel-room, where you can make a simple connection at local rate. This rate is only a few dollar cents for an unlimited connection. In the hotel area there is a free WiFi. In the hotel is an internet room. Costs: 1 dollar for circa 10 minutes.

Passport/drivers licence

You need a valid passport in Aruba. In case you would like to rent a car you need a valid drivers licence.

Car renting

Renting a car is possible in the hotel. National Car Rent has Toyota Tercel cars at circa 180 dollars a week.


Close to the hotel there is a bus stop to go to the city Oranjestad. There is a taxi stand near the hotel.

Local currency

On Aruba payments can be made with US dollars and Aruban florins. One dollar is 1,75 Aruban Florin. Most credit cards are accepted. Cash dispensers (for Europass) are available in the hotel. In many shops the Europass is accepted.


Unfortunately the Caribbean Islands are known as transit-ports for drugs. Both at the airport and all seaports severe checks are carried out. To avoid problems the containers will be checked both at departure and arrival (so in The Netherlands and Aruba) by custom officers with their drug-dogs. Do not take along with you any parcels belonging to others or unknown persons. After returning at Schiphol, most flights from the Carribean are 100% checked.


During the event you have to carry a wristband which gives you access to the various activities, like breakfast, lunches, happy-hours, dinners. Moreover you receive discounts at several activities on showing your wristband.


During the Aruba week you will receive discount on activities organised by Palm-tours on showing your wristband. Other discounts will be published separately.


We hope to produce a TV-report of the event this year again. If possible we will make a DVD of the event. We will bring with us a photographer to make professional pictures of the event to publish in the magazines.

The races

During the regatta week 10 official races will be sailed. The sailing instructions will be issued when you check-in. The races sailed will be based on ISAF rating: every boat must have an official rating, before departure to Aruba.

Individual sponsoring

This allowed providing it is not conflicting with the rules of the official sponsors of the event, being ATA, Heineken and Hapag Lloyd.

Sponsor/VIP race

On Tuesday at 15.00 hours a VIP-race will be held in which sponsors, press and relations can participate. Whereas this event will only be possible thanks to the sponsors all participants are urged to sail on Wednesday afternoon and take a VIP on board.

Additional Contact Information

Does & Cadushi Contacts: Chantal and Martin Does Tel : 0031 (0) 70 3129595 Fax : 0031(0)70-3129562 Holiday Inn hotel J.E. Irausquin Blvd 230, Palm Beach, Aruba Tel : 00297 863600

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